Bringing QM to Life aims to actively engage Social Science students in their own learning process with a multi-disciplinary, problem-based approach to research methods using quantitative data. 

With real scientific scenarios and various accessible, customizable levels of complexity, this website offers activities that can be done in or out of class or out of class, over a single or multiple sessions and individually or in teams. The activities can form the basis of formative or summative evaluations. 

For each problem, the Student Guide indicates the requirements and necessary steps and the password-protected Teacher Guide gives sample answers and possible adaptations. A data set spreadsheet is also included with some problems.

Pedagogical objectives

The problems on this website are designed to help students achieve the following ministerial competency: 022P – To apply statistical tools to the interpretation of data related to contexts of study in the field of Social Science. 

The problems also aim to develop statistical literacy and analytical thinking by focusing on the interpretation and application of statistics from different disciplinary perspectives rather than on the mechanics of computation. This will help students to read academic texts more critically and to better understand the purpose of Social Science research.

Terms of use

The resources offered on this website were designed primarily for the teachers and students in the Québec college network. They can be used only for educational, non-commercial purposes. 

We allow sites to post links to our resources, but reproduction, modification and re-routing to paid sites are strictly prohibited. Reference to the source (Centre collégial de développement de matériel didactique/Collegial Centre for Educational Materials Development) and the web address (ccdmd.qc.ca) is always mandatory. 

Some resources may require authorization for reproduction and some are subject to specific restrictions. It is the user’s responsibility to check with the CCDMD which conditions apply. 

Commercial use

Any use of any resource for commercial purposes requires a specific agreement between the applicant and the CCDMD.

Citation of the source

The user must always cite the authors and source of the resources.  

For example: BEAUPRÉ-ODORICO, V. and HUMES, C. (2020). Bringing QM to Life. Centre collégial de développement de matériel didactique (CCDMD). Retrieved from quantitative.ccdmd.qc.ca

For further information, please contact the CCDMD at info@ccdmd.qc.ca or 514-873-2200.


Bringing QM to Life is a production of the Centre collégial de développement de matériel didactique (CCDMD).

Based on an idea developed by Stephen Bryce, Catherine Humes, Vicki Beaupré-Odorico, and Jean-Michel Sotiron, John Abbott College.

Pedagogical design

Vicki Beaupré-Odorico, teacher, John Abbott College
Catherine Humes, teacher, John Abbott College

Scientific review

Charles-Albert Ramsay, teacher, Dawson College

Linguistic review

Magalie Allard

Graphic design

Christine Blais

Web development and integration

Bridge Media

PDF layout

Lise Coulombe

Project manager

Michel Hardy-Vallée, CCDMD