Work at your own pace, according to three different levels of difficulty

Small Problems Icon


Practice the application of descriptive statistics with short problems that can be solved in a 1–2 hour class.

Medium Problems Icon


Practice the application of inferential statistics with medium-sized problems that require at least 2–3 hours over 1–2 in-class or online sessions.

Large Problems Icon


Develop research plans outside of class to understand social problems and advise decision-makers.

Why Problem-Based Learning?

  • Using meaningful situations helps students relate theory to practice.
  • A problem-based approach fosters an integrated understanding of concepts.
  • While they learn the course content, students also learn how to learn!
  • The pedagogical design enables students to work alone or in groups.
  • There’s more than one way to solve a problem!
  • The activities can form the basis of formative or summative evaluations